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The Thousand Years of Woman and Peace

A New Knowledge is About to Overtake the World and Change Everything.

Spring Opening of Gan Cabala

Summer publication of the new book

The Art of Sexual Thought

Keter Kalendar November 17, 2024

Space and Time Redefined

ZOHAR - Beneath the BlackWhole Book Cover.png

Dovid carefully traces a path from infinity, highlighting subtle differences in the universe, especially on Earth.

He explains that each person plays a crucial role in the End of Days, marked by shifts where women are elevated above men. Dovid combines ancient Zohar wisdom with modern astronomy to introduce a new paradigm based on the ninth planet's 248-year cycle around the Sun.

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Beneath the BlackWhole

Compelling Evidence Redefining the Confines of Creation

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Beyond the BlackWhole

Compelling Evidence Superseding
the Big Bang Theory

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