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How will the Keter Kalendar change the world?

Time dictates the stages in life from generation to generation and the natural segmentation throughout life from beginning to end. But also overreaching time standards imposed by other peoples or nations upon other nations. Five hundred years ago the Gregorian calendar was decreed by the Roman Pope to correct an erroneous Julian calendar and through the power of the sword and the coin, spread this new calendar across the globe, an erroneous time based on a myth. This overarching erroneous time cast upon the earth needs fixing before the world can progress into the future. The Keter Kalendar will pluck time away religion and place time in her proper place, at the foot of the planets conducting time to the Earth, the lowest place in creation. The Keter Kalendar will take the world from the chains of slavery to Rome and deliver us together as one diverse human specie ready for the future.

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