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What is the Pluto Connection?

The seven outer planets of our solar system have moons, as opposed to the two inner planets and the Sun do not have moons. This inner cosmic triangle is separated from the next two triangles of planets (Earth-Mars-Jupiter and Saturn-Uranus-Neptune) similar to how the human being is separated head from body. The Moon is the sign of birth; souls awaiting entrance into the Earth linger on the Moon, the last spiritual stop for the radiant soul before seeping into the physical. Also, just as the Earth counts seven outwards also the ninth planet counts seven to the Earth. The interior of the solar system ends at the Earth, the fourth planet from the Sun. The outer six planets and the Moon convey the light from the stars down to the Earth, the lowest place in creation. But, most curious about the ninth planet is her 248 year cycle around the Sun combined with the 365 day cycle of the Earth circling the Sun equals 613, corresponding to the 613 divisions of the body separated into 248 limbs and 365 connecting ligaments.

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