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What is special about the number seven?

Ten is divided into three and seven; seven is divided into six and one. There are Seven Heavens, seven musical notes and seven Names of God which should not be erased. A baby is viable from the seventh month into the pregnancy. Seven is mysterious, set off from all groups of three; the open space within the six pointed star composed of two overlapping triangles is where hides the mysterious seven—. Once seven is complete then the upper three can be combined with lower seven producing a body in the form of the Four Letter Name of God YHVH prototype to the four essential element of creation: three of directions in space and one of time. Also, these four letters can be interchanged to read the three tenses of time: past, present and future. The seventh represents speech which has five components: throat, pallet, tongue, teeth and lips represented in the Hebrew alphabet as five letters whose form changes when put at the end of a sentence called MaNanetz-PoCh  an acrostic for the letters: Mem/ם-מ, Nunן-נ/, Ztadi,ץ-צ/ Pehף-פ/ and Chof.ך-כ/ There are five moons around the ninth planet of our solar system.

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