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7. Why Seven Holes of the Head?

The two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils and the mouth make up a replica of the seven outer planets engraved on the flesh of the face. The father and the mother make the body of the child but God makes the face of the person. The three parts of the brain are represented in seeing, hearing and knowing, the face of the human being is also a replica of the seven continents of the Earth and the three lobes of the brain are the three oceans spanning the world: Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. The Keter Kalendar revives the natural way to observer the world from both upon and beyond the Earth. The Keter Kalendar melds together the physical and spiritual planes of existence rendering a succulent journey through the cosmos. Truth runs rampant through a thread of time piercing into particular patterns having been unleashed and revealed, ready for interpretation. The seven wholes in the head constitute a constant reminder, we are here to interact with seven worlds surrounding the Earth.

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