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What is the Primordial Pattern?

The beginning of creation, the introduction of the human soul into a physical body composed from the ground, happened after all the elements of creation were constructed and formed within our galaxy. These Seven Days of Creation, six days of work and one day of rest, set the pattern for the subsequent seven thousand years. Human history largely follows this same primordial pattern of thousand year segments. The world stands at the sundown of the sixth day. The secret of time is hidden within the form of time, a spiral big at the beginning but narrowing at the end. Rushing to conclusion, as male energy funnels into the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace, the Keter Kalendar acts an 210 year intermediary. No one can deny the destructive pace of modern life getting faster each day as if the long spiral of time is coming to a fulcrum. These are the End of Days when the six thousand years of male accomplishment and destruction is followed by a thousand years when the earthly agenda of women becomes more important than the speculations of man.

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