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My love for writing started in my youth, and I began reading while in the navy after high school. Despite being a slow reader, words have a magical ability to transport me to unimaginable places. In 1965, after leaving the navy, I decided to become a writer, believing I could learn as I lived. Hitchhiking for five years across 30,000 miles, I chose a new path to explore truth through my Jewish roots.
Taking a bold turn, I burned my previous writings and immersed myself in Hebrew, opening the door to a lifetime of engagement with Jewish literature. Initially intimidated by Hebrew's brevity, I found its authors, both ancient and modern, dedicated to bringing light into the world through their words. For fifty years, I've delved into these books daily, blending them with my general interests for unique insights.
Returning to writing, I shared stories from my time as a New York City truck driver and created a novel while in Israel. However, personal turmoil led to homelessness. After hosting a public access show in Woodstock, a curse, a burnt house, and departure marked the end.
Amidst personal struggles and a brush with mortality, I documented my experiences, producing six books in three years. A miraculous recovery led me back to San Francisco, and at 73, living in my car, I returned to Los Angeles. Over the last three years, I've regained my health and found some peace.
Despite writing twenty books, financial constraints have limited my ability to share my work. I've published one book with Inner Traditions and four self-published works. The books I've studied profoundly influenced my thinking, turning me into a vessel for unique knowledge. After fifty years, I'm eager to share my work with the world, filled with excitement about the next chapter of my journey while residing in Jerusalem.

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