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The Keter Kalendar

A new and novel way to calculate time

By introducing a recently developed time paradigm based on the planet Pluto, the entire world can transition to a new plateau of human existence where peace is possible. This new time touchstone is what tethers the six thousand year Hebrew calendar and five thousand year Mayan calendar to the Earth. This new knowledge is beyond politics and religion; this novel time standard reveals the irrefutable blatant truth about creation—refuting and replacing the Big Bang Theory along with the theory of evolution while returning the original names of the 12 months and the nine planets. 


This final planet surrounding our solar system inspires the Keter Kalendar, taken from the Hebrew word Keter/Crown which surrounds the head comprising the essential human abilities of Will and Pleasure. The Keter Kalendar brings the world together into a singular coherent vibration through this primordial ancient irrefutable exactness comparable to the moon passing in front of the Sun during a total eclipse. The Keter Kalendar exacts the moment when the human soul was brought to the Earth and placed into a physical body comprised of four elements: fire, air, water and earth. The Keter Kalendar is not based on any earthly event; the Keter Kalendar is imposed from beyond our world—causing peace on Earth from above. 

This new priceless information is available here dovidHouse Publishing at no cost. The purpose of this information is to stop war and poverty by radically changing the world.

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