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These eight books encapsulate fifty years of investigation into the Tree of Life, whose structure resonates throughout the cosmos, solar system, Earth, human beings, and time.

Paradigm shift in thinking about creation

Zohar—Beyond the BlackWhole


Zohar, the unfurling of a seven hundred year old mystery has arrived. Many great minds came before, but the time was not right; Zohar was meant for the deep darkness at the End of Days when Truth is obliterated by the greedy lie—now is when Zohar/Brilliance can heal the world and showing the way to a beautiful bountiful future. Ancient and enigmatic, Zohar turns reality around; nothing comes out of nothing—but rather, the nothing, wherein rests the universe, came from something. Only now, witnessed in this technological time, can the great vision of Zohar be corroborated by scientific fact as witnessed throughout the world.

Paradigm Shift in Thinking about Time

Zohar-Beneath the BlackWhole


Time as a line is fruitless and nihilistic, offering no more than a cog in a pointless dash going off into infinity. On the other hand, the circle just goes round and round, a forever confine. Only when combined the circle and the line does time take on meaning, since time is a spiral. Seen through the six thousand years of the Hebrew calendar prototyped from the Six Days of Creation, culmination into woman has begun. The 777 has been exposed and now there is no turning back. History is climaxing while the rich shot themselves on rockets into outer space. The Thousand Years of Woman is upon us.


Kabbalistic Tarot

Kabbalistic Tarot clearly explain how the Tarot cards evolved out of Ancient Jewish mystical tradition 2,500 years ago. The mystery of the Tarot is revealed through a clear explanation of the ten elements composing the Tree of Life. Kabbalistic Tarot explains the spiritual language embodied in the Tarot cards fashioned from the ancient 22 Hebrew letter alphabet, able to form a bridge between the Heaven and the Earth; the message conveyed by the Tarot is a message from the soul—the ten components of the Tree of Life is the common denominator in both the spiritual and the physical worlds.

Deciphering the Labyrinth of Life by Dovid Krafchow (cover).jpg

Deciphering the Labyrinth of Life


The enigma of the Cabala is proof this ancient discipline has yet to be corrupted by religion or academia. This pristine flow of knowledge, an ethereal river meandering through the contours of one’s imagination, is applicable to all situations. Science, politics, drugs, pornography, the Middle East, social phenomenon cosmological choreography of the planets, the intrinsic meaning of the cross, the historical and spiritual truth about Jesus and the Rabbis plus more. These essays are meant to clarify and illuminate the different social, scientific and spiritual conundrums facing our time.

Meditations on Time

The conundrum of time has confounded both mystics and scientists alike. What is time? How does time move without ever stopping? Where did time and how did time originate? These seemingly unanswerable questions are the bread and butter of the Cabala. This ancient Jewish knowledge uncovers the source of time, revealing time’s secret and elucidating time’s cyclical purpose. Beyond past, present and future is God Time; these four distinct states of time correspond to the four elements of fire, air, water and earth. The symmetry of time of space is the loom upon which each moment of reality is woven.

The Other Side


The Other Side is a collection of short stories concerning the spiritual condition of the Jewish People. These eleven stories mirror a time when the travails of life were easier to understand. Evoking memories of the recent past, The Other Side explores how Jewish life struggles beneath the invisible weight of an inexorable obligation and an inscrutable destiny coupled with a comic scenario. This necklace of stories ties together through a common thread pervading every Jewish experience. From Russia to America, from a cowboy to flower child, from a fat man to a righteous man, upon the sea or at the edge of death––The Other Side offers a unique perspective.

The Price of Peace

The Price of Peace is a novel way to see the continuing crisis in the Middle East; the absurdity of politics and the danger of secret alliances is portrayed; as the story unwinds secret intrigues and hidden agendas emerge, suddenly transforming the Land of Israel into an opposite reality. Manifested through the unimpeded march of manipulation, religious, political and spiritual worlds collide bringing out the worst in everyone. To the rescue comes two children endowed with a destiny to change the world through love.

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