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Thank you for your interest in my book Deciphering the Labyrinth of Life (2014). These essays are an amalgam of various reactions to the world’s problems, originally published on my now defunct website JewishBohemian.


Having been raised Jewish amid many Christians and having to endure the scourge of being a god-killer, I have spent my life in search of the truth about Jesus, the Bible, and foundation of religion. 

Among these short essays is a longer discourse about the Jewish story about Jesus. Anyone interested in removing the cloak of darkness surrounding this event and how this errant history has deeply effected the entire world in an illegitimate way through baseless history will resonate with this work.


New ideas are always different. People sometimes laugh at new ideas, new ways to perceive reality—but God loves new. Our job in the world is to make something new out of truth. The truth is not meant to be static.


There is that which is carved out of stone and then there is the invisible dew hanging in the air like the oral knowledge silently awaiting to be discovered. It is good to mix up your thoughts with new ideas.


This book covers the gamut. I hope you will buy, read, and review my book. There is so much freedom of speech it can be hard to be heard. Please buy, read, and review.

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