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Why is the Keter Kalendar focused towards women?

To keep the months in their seasons an occasional thirteenth month is added every few years to the Hebrew calendar, these years of 13 months are called Pregnant Years; also, a 28 day month harmonizes with a woman’s menstrual cycle—plus, the Keter Kalendar concludes in a couple of hundred years by transitioning into the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace. The Keter Kalendar begins as the six thousand years of man ends; the Keter Kalendar go 210 years ends as the thousand year woman calendar begins. The Keter Kalendar is a non-intrusive way to gather together the women of the world, projecting a new agenda away from galactic conquest, returning our global attention back to the Mother Earth. The seven thousandth year calendar begins in a few centuries and is considered the Shabbat, the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace, time of rest when the world can regenerate. Celestial woman is drawing man within for a pleasurable future if he is sensitive and listens to her needs. The Keter Kalendar is the paradigm shift the world has awaited, when times turns from male to female.

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