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Thank you for you interest in Meditation on Time. The second edition was released June 23, 2017.


Background: sometime in the middle 90’s I was on the road in Arizona when I met this hitch-hiker who told me someone had picked him up and and was compelled to tell him, three times 666 is 1998. this information was lost on him until he met me. That was the inseminating moment for this book. The pattern of time and the symmetry of space is paramount to understanding reality. The scientific community is unable to go beyond physical phenomenon and religion can’t get their head out of their dogma; meanwhile the Creator is yelling in silent signs waiting to be seen. 


My work has an unusual perspective beyond science and dogma without having to divorce myself from empirical evidence and ancient wisdom, on the contrary. However, before delving into this work understand this: creation is engraved within the Singularity and time is a spiral. I hope you will buy, read and review my book. Particularly, during this time surrounding the eclipse of the Sun across of America August 21, 2017, this knowledge needs to be shared. We can’t know where we are going if we don’t know where we have been. Please buy, read and review.

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