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Christian Nationalist have a Christianity Problem


There is no better example of Christianity than Donald Trump, a rich excessive self-righteous manufactured replica intent on world conquest using lies and intimidation to get what he wants. Religion can be traced back to the Roman Empire where Julius Caesar was the last ancient Roman Pontiff whose job was to establish customs and holidays for the people to follow. There is no word for religion in Hebrew, Arabic or Sanskrit, Rome fathered religion then sold religion for a price to all who wanted to be exempt from Roman taxes. The exemption exist until today and is the reason why religion has oversized power in politics.


Politics and religion, along with war, economy, industry and science constitute the six headed serpent emblematic of the Roman Empire. But of all the malevolent attributes of Rome, religion is the must pernicious. Where the other industries of Rome enslave the body, religion feeds on the soul, sucking the spirit out of life. However, politics comes in second. Politics and religion collude to trick the people to self-sacrifice for the State. Religion and politics constitute political pornography. Religion, politics and sex come together in America’s political system made to subjugate the weak for the sake of the rich, an orgy of Roman fame.


With religion and politics sticking their noses into sex, the result is an unsavory mixture producing lots of oohs and aahs where the people are the spectators and the politicians are the actors while religion looks on with one eye squeezed almost shut for a better look. The people are pressed into the veneer covering the world with a shallow understanding because the world has become bereft of depth. Two dimensional thinking has reduced life to be more like a map where lines connect and intercept regardless of the impositions from terrain. Lies fester where Truth is absent. 


Everyone knows politicians lie, since politics is the science of the lie, people turn to religion for the Truth but the Bible is a lie. There are two main lies in the Bible, one lie is on the surface and the other lie festers within. The superficial lie is the title called Testament the internal lie is, Jesus, a Jewish Rabbi who was god come down from Heaven but was killed by the Jews. The Jewish Nation derive from receiving the Torah/Teaching 3500 years ago. In any environment of teaching, questions are a sign of learning. A testament by definition rejects all questions in favor of dogma.


Secondly, God is neither physical nor spiritual, rendering monotheism moot since God is everywhere, all the time to everyone. A lie covers the Truth; a political lie obscures the fact—religious lies pollutes the soul leaving the body sick and confused. Christian Nationalist are not dangerous because of the their nationalism but because of their Christianity. The lie is the basis for Christian religion fathered by the Roman Empire to enslave the soul and bring the world beneath the Roman thumb. But the time has come, after two thousand years of Roman rule, God has a foot on their neck and while they squeal, the world can repair and come to peace. 


Religion is the epicenter of social problems exacerbated by political power. The collusion of religion and politics who are natural bedfellows, needs separation from a kiss from th fetid breath filled with filthy words like god and sex, both of whom they mercilessly exploit. Religion and politics are the two hands each holding a whip to to threaten the people. Both religion and politics are based on a hierarchy with allegiance to the top. This human apparatus inserted everywhere within society is a manufactured intermediary standing between God and people. Religion claims to facilitate with some spiritual entity they called god while politics is inserted between people promising peace and security. 


Both religion and politics are lies attempting to cheat the people from their freedom, but religion is the epicenter of the lie. Creation is made from physical and spiritual, God is neither. God neither needs or wants an intermediary but instead God wants a personal relationship with each individual in every place and circumstance. There is another liability to religion in that they encourage a conservative outlook on the people, plus propping up despots from around the world. Despots have an affinity to religion who promulgates the importance of law without explanation or logic. Under the auspices of religion and politics, understanding reduces down to dogma and political correctness.


Being nationalistic and wanting to fight for your country is natural; being afraid of the government is only logical, anything else would be naive—but, when the dictates are interpreted through the lie, the world falls into disarray. Chaos fuels economic growth along with an increased reliance by the poor and the left behind relaying on religious organizations for assistance. These two hands, religion and politics wash each other, religion giving absolution to the politics who in return proclaims religion to be true. Both scenarios are false producing false results. The only way to solve this problem is by inserting Truth into the darkness of lies.


Spiritual truths must be tied to prophesy, a thing the Bible is not in compliance with and instead has made a cruel story and promoted their story throughout the world at detriment of the Jewish People who are accused of killing god. Second, politics needs constant supervisions by courts that are impartial and seek justice instead of Just Us. The world cannot be made straight without first eradicating the lie then substituting the truth in the place of the lie. The time has come, America needs a new constitution, an updated constitution reflecting the evolution of human thought to include others.

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