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Dovid speaks on a variety of topics related to living a contented life.

Dovid's Speaking Topics

The ancient six thousand year calendar adopted by the Jewish People, much like the five thousand year Mayan calendar, has a precise beginning and a precise end. Each thousand year period has their own peculiar defining aspect. We are now 777 years into the final thousand year period known as, Yesod/Foundation built from the word Sod/Secret or Sexuality.

Learn about the meaning of this time through Dovid's talk The Thousand Years of Woman.


The Torah/Teaching of the Jewish People is comprised of four levels: Text, Law, Story, Secret. The Zohar/Brilliance was written two thousand years ago, came to the world a thousand years ago but was not decoded until 500 years ago when the father of the Cabala, the Ari/Lion came to Northern Israel to teach his student Chaim Vital.

Learn more about the mystical text of the Torah by inviting Dovid to present the Zohar and Cabala.

Time is not linear. Time is a spiral; at the outer edges of the spiral much can happen in a small amount of time while at the other end of the spiral, our time, everything happens very quickly but very little changes. By understanding these natural perturbations in time, reality will take on a new significance—time is running out.

Inquire about copies of Dovid's book, Meditations on Time, for event attendees.

A Kabbalistic Tarot Workshop is a hands-on endeavor helping the participant understand the Kabbalistic Symmetry of the Tarot cards and how they fit into the twenty-two paths, based on the 22 Hebrew letters, known as the Tree of Life. The solar system, the Earth and human being all conform to this celestial symmetry. Truth and symmetry are one.

Inquire about copies of Dovid's book, Kabbalistic Tarot: Hebraic Wisdom in the Major and Minor Arcana, for workshop attendees.

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Dovid makes people happy.

He is both profound and funny. His insights are unique.


Audiences applaud him and admire his hair and his looks—even his clothes evoke comment.


He is entertaining.


Most importantly, his words answer questions essential to a contented life. His teaching method is comedic, causing laughter. Truth, beauty, and peace are the garments of his soul.

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