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Tarot spelled backwards is Torah; the Tarot is a secret spiritual language based on the Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mystical tradition.

Kabbalistic Tarot

35 Lectures 4.5 hours

All Levels

Dovid Krafchow author of


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244 ratings: 5.00

Student reviews

"Excellent teacher! He has a lot of knowledge, he is very nice and he teaches you how to read the tarot with the principles of Kabbalah, in a simple way.  Thank you very much"

- Josh

" I love this course! I have wanted an explanation like this that got down to the source of these energies, instead of just telling me what they mean, so that I can understand the deeper meaning. It also allows me to apply and understand things about my own life as well. Very insightful and revealing! I love how animated the teacher is as well, his attitude is great and captivating. Very appreciative for putting this course out there!"

  -Andrea King


"It was a really good match for me, I enjoyed it thoroughly."

-Kim Paget


"The course covered a wider aspect of ‘reading’: Valuable insight into both the esoteric aspects and historic values. The course provided a subtle connection of Tarot and Torah whilst maintaining a fluid approach and conclusion of the Kaballah, mysticism, and finally in articulating intuition."

- Dan Hathaway 


"Intriguing and explained properly the origins of tarot kabbalistically…."

-Tanya Singh


"I love learning from all kinds of masters. David was amazing. Bought his book."

-Staci Luna 


"great teacher. more than I expected. I do recommend this course."

-Debora Uemara da Costa 


"Good information that is hard to find elsewhere."

- Cris

"Excellent course, very interesting and full of valuable information.

Thank you so much. "

-Marilyne Ankaoua 


"Thank you so much for this amazing course. I just loved it. Please create some more :) I got your book also. "

-Sophie Naphegyi


"Fantastic I am enjoying the course, revealing more to me about the Tarot and the relation to the Creator and the Tree of Life."

- John Graham


"}I enjoy the depth that the teacher brings forth about the cards. I find it informative and challenging in a good way. One thing that I’d like to see is an image of the Tree of life written with both Hebrew and English names so I could understand the area he’s talking about. Great course. "

-Suzanne Bean


"Mr. Krafchow did an excellent job explaining the Kabbalistic Tarot. Even though I have finished this course, I plan on going back and absorbing as much knowledge as possible. I always knew there was more to Tarot than the average understanding, and I thank Mr. Krafchow for explaining it in depth and symmetry of our universe, bodies, and emotions."

- Angelica Ann Jackson


"I think the course was worthwhile to understand a different way of perceiving and understanding the tarot. A lot of the information presented is very different to what other books seem to say or repeat, which was very refreshing."



"This was a definite match. Answered so many of my questions."

- Anjalica Kesari Castell


"I like the idea of learning the origins of tarot. The presenter is passionate about the stories the cards show."

Belly Kelley


"This course was fascinating I never knew there was a correlation to Kabbalah. I thought the instructor was very in-depth with the cards and their meaning. I am a novice with tarot and plan on re-watching this many times to reference. The instructor is a delight to watch!"

Grace Felton

"I found Dovid Krafchow's workshop exceedingly helpful. He is knowledgeable in his field of expertise. He demonstrated his ability to read the tarot cards with three different clients. I also learned a new spread "The Tree of Life”. 

-Roseann Podraza


"Truly unique way of associating the cards with the sefirot of the Tree of Life. The pleasure and will principles applied to each Sefira bring a novel approach to the Tarot and readings, albeit completely rooted in the Zohar according to Dovid Krafchow. Dovid created not only a fascinating, truthful, and enlightened way to the working with the cards but has devised a layout that allows the Soul of the individual to speak through the cards (through the language of the cabalistic atom). Thank you very much to Dovid and Udemy as well for a great course rendition."

-Dana Bernback 


"A valuable perspective of use and understanding of the Tarot. Spiritual and ethical care is very grounded and appreciated by me in his style, as well as the gift of uniqueness between us and the responsibility of kindness in the undercurrent throughout. Thank you Dovid Krakfchow. I am also enjoying your blog now. :) The light is on here..."

-Lili Sinclair 


"This is a good course for those at the intermediate level who are unfamiliar with caballa/kabbalah."

-Victoria Olson 

"Excellent explination of kabbalah and tarot.

Two things shrouded in so much secrecy.

Excellent job. "

-Alba Sanchez 


"Fascinating, clear, and illuminating."

-Jenny White 


"A very nice course about Tarot and Kabbalah, very interesting and fresh. If you are interested in both Kabbalah and Tarot, this is the right place."

Milica Milenkovic 


"Here’s what I think makes this course way better and more comprehensive than a course that is double the length. There is no fluff! He's not the type of person who is making a "bad book report" video, because he knows the why and the how of the cards. Many other videos that I've sampled and courses that I've taken have filled their content up with so much fluff that it's embarrassing. This course is not like that. Quite the opposite. I will most likely need to view this course about 3 times because Dovid has included much condensed and valuable knowledge, which from what I can tell is a rare commodity in online courses. Thank you!!!"

Daniel Guerrero


"clear and to the point, with information that binds together everything I know about the Tarot."

-Nicoleta Tache 


"Fantastic course. You make it seem so clear how heaven and earth .. body and soul .. work together and are shown to us through the kabbala and the tarot ... just amazing. My warmest recommendations"

-Merete Fuglsang 


"Because this is the only course on the internet that makes sense when it comes to learning the Tarot ... Thank you !"

Nana Bzork 

"Very deep discussion of Torah and how it is encoded here! Love this perspective!'

- Brighid Kildaire


"Great course! Very good course. The teacher's approach makes the subject easy to understand. His explanations are clear. There is a good balance between theory and practice."

Chris Mahdi 


"Great course, really helped me to connect to the tarot in a new way that makes readings easier, loved the tutor too, highly recommend."



"The instructor knows a lot about kabbalah and knows how to share that real deep level of wisdom that the Tarot can show us Dovid has that kind of knowledge that is much harder to find elsewhere This workshop on Kabbalistic Tarot is helping my efforts to understand the mystery of Tarot... Thanks, Dovid !!"

Pablo Moya

"Great detailed information on the connection of Tarot and Kabbalah. A couple of my books put the Magician and Fool card elsewhere in the lineup, but I really appreciate these particular interpretations and have more knowledge now to add to my study of Kabbalah and the Tarot. I enjoyed learning a new tarot layout as well and will try it out in the future. Thank you, Dovid, for this great course and for sharing your experiences."

- Jennifer Price

 All Knowledge is Reflected in the Human Form.
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