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Introducing the 210 year Keter Kalendar is the last process before entering into the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace. A few centuries seems hardly enough time to rectify our chaotic world in preparation for these thousand years of culmination as celestial male energy merges into the female. Time is a spiral and the culmination of the sixth wrung on our spiral of time, each wrung a thousand years long, into the seventh and final cycle is happening now. However, there have been incremental signs along the way. I first became aware of this cosmic clock over fifty years ago in 1970 when I was introduced to the Hebrew calendar in the year 5730 which I immediately recognized as the 5730-year half-life of carbon-14. I was 26 years old as the sixties ended; I was on the cutting edge of history—everyone recognized the mammoth change about to occur yet seemingly nothing happened. After learning about this ancient calendar, my ability to discern reality suddenly took on a whole new dimension.   


Without decay, there would be no diversity. The radioactive isotope referred to as carbon-14 is slowly, incrementally, and constantly transforming into nitrogen, the main ingredient in shit. When high-energy cosmic particles from around the universe collide with our world, carbon-14 is produced at the rate at which carbon-14 degrades after physicality dies. Inside the atom of carbon-14 are six protons and eight neutrons—incremental half-life recombines 6 and 8 into seven and seven, replicating the initial process of creation, the first six days of creation melded into seventh, the first day of rest, giving birth to the eight through the seeding of a subsequent week.  According to this six thousand-year ancient calendar, the first human soul was inserted into the primordial human body which became half of his original allotment of carbon-14 in the year 5730 or 1970 in the Roman calendar. In the subsequent fifty years, Rome has found completion in the end. 


The final five nails into the Roman casket, were delivered by Trump emulating the number 777 but first about the number 666. In every thousand-year cycle, there is a 666 and a 777 appearing during each thousand-year segment. The year 1906 was 5666 in the Hebrew calendar and the 777 was displayed in the Roman year of 2017 or 5777. These two years are separated from each other by 111 years. All of these numbers are implicated together interacting with the spiraled course of time. The relationship between six and seven is patterned throughout creation yet nowhere more explicit than through man and woman. Man is the six and woman is the seven. The last occurrence of 666 happened in 1906 the year Einstein published the famous Energy equals Matter times the Constant of the universe encapsulated in the speed of time at 156,000 miles per second then taking that sum times itself, or E = mc2. At the same time, Picasso was introducing cubism into the world. The Torah merges art and science by illuminating the same pattern throughout creation. 


The Creator communicates with creation through the form of space twirling on the finger of time going deeper into the apex of the spiral until conclusion. 

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