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The Eclipse of 5,777

The eclipse crossing America on August 21, 2017 coincides with the prophetic time implied in the six thousand year Hebrew calendar having reach the apex of 5,777—a number implicit with many meanings related to the future. The Six Days of Creation, as related in the Torah, the Teachings of the Jewish People, is a prototype for the following six thousand years. At the end of the calendar, in 233 years, the world will enter into the long awaited Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace. The eclipse transiting America from Oregon to South Carolina is a clear reminder from the heavens—the rule of Rome is ending.


Following centuries of world domination, Rome has peaked as depicted by the end of the Roman calendar in the year 2000 followed by the closest approach of Mars to the Earth in 2003, when Rome initiated war against he world by invading Iraq. Ten years later, the five thousand year Mayan calendar concluded the 26,000 year orbit around the North Star in 2012 when our world was directly facing the center of our galaxy which is 26,000 light years away. God’s Four Letter Name YHVH translated into number, called gematria, is 26. For 5,777 years the male attributes have formed this world now man is merging into woman over the next thousand years.


This eclipse crossing the most powerful country in the Roman Empire is a sign progress has come to an end; over the next thousand years the male energy will degrade much like the sperm degrades within the egg of the woman—the aligning of our world with center of the galaxy in 2012 was a sign of dilation, when woman is ready to give birth. The evolution over these six thousand years has been from spiritual to physical when merging and birth can occur. The most essential prophesy of the Jewish faith happens when those buried begin growing new bodies, impervious to sickness or death.


This new human being is the result of six thousand years of human toil. God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, has promised: “I will wipe the tear from every cheek.” To help this process go forward, woman is now more essential than is man, as indicated in the number 5777. The number five represents the beginning of the sixth and final day of creation when the man came into being; the number seven is indicative of woman, called Shakina/Dwelling—three sevens equal 21, the gematria of God’s futuristic name YHYH. Together the numbers 5777 equal 26 the gematria of the YHVH, present Name of God.


This transition from male to female dominance over the planet is marked by this eclipse happening on the cusp of Virgo, the astrological sign of woman. Progress is no longer needed nor is growth; what we need, is to care for every human being upon the Earth—man is made to care for woman. Now is the time for men to stand up and protect our women.



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