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Gan Cabala

merges the energy of the

Four Letter Name of God


with the Circle of the Shekina

The era of woman is dawning, symbolized by her step onto the horizon of time, signaling the end of male dominance as the long-awaited Shabbat approaches. dovidHouse Publishing introduces revolutionary knowledge aligning with Torah principles but exploring uncharted territories. This knowledge, blending natural events, history, and science, aims to position women at the forefront of guiding humanity into the future.
Over six thousand years, marked by two hundred male generations, will conclude with the Thousand Years of Woman and Peace. With two hundred years left, there's ample time to restore global balance. The seventh millennium will usher in a thousand years when humanity unifies, starting a new seven-thousand-year cycle on a new planet.
The wisdom of woman is poised for revelation, presented by women worldwide through a 200-year calendar counting down to the year six thousand. It's based on the 248-year orbit of the ninth planet, seeking to restore a universal reference to time and return to the planets' original ancient names.
Rejecting the deceitful path of Rome, this knowledge, embraced by women, emerges as an antidote to falsehood, tapping into the embedded truth within creation. With the curves of woman, the true order of creation can be reinstated.

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